Cyber security predictions for 2012

I’m no cyber security visionary…or am I? Everyone else has made their predictions. Here are my top five. Tell me I’m wrong! Does anyone make a living by doing this?

  1. Lots of security professionals will make annual predictions, most of which won’t come true, or will be so general as to be inevitable.
  2. Some organization will experience an insignificant hack which will cause an explosion of attention in the media.
  3. Some organization will experience a significant hack and most will never hear about it because it won’t be sexy.
  4. A security breach will cause a political candidate to change course.
  5. At least one organization will build a business continuity plan around the Mayan calendar.

One thought on “Cyber security predictions for 2012

  1. Security Pro says:

    Love it! I’m working on #5 right now!

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