Securing our eCity

Today I had lunch with the Mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders. Yeah, I had to name-drop. Its not every day a guy like me has lunch with the Mayor.

More importantly was the topic of discussion during the meal. Darin Andersen of ESET held a meeting for a program he calls “Securing our eCity.” This initial meeting sought to answer the question, “What does a cyber-secure city look like?”

The goal is to make San Diego better known as a cyber-security aware community. Its a little known fact that San Diego is home to a large (and growing) population of information security professionals. We’ve long wondered how we could tap that vast pool of expertise and Darin may have given us a way.

The attendees list included over 70 representatives from local businesses, federal, state and local government. Mark Weatherford, CISO of the State of California was there.

Enthusiasm was high. It will be good to see if we can collectively turn that energy into tangible benefit to the citizens of San Diego. I for one look forward to participating.


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